About Up9Lisbon brand

UP9LISBON is a brand with nine years of stories, offering a unique selection of cork-made clothes that can be purchased online. And the most special thing about this journey is the fact that these nine years existed before the brand itself, permanently.

UP9LISBON represents a meeting between aesthetics and nature, between fundamental accessory and essential complement. The UP9LISBON collection showcases the perfect combination of tradition and modernity without ever losing sentiment. With iconic designs like the Coração de Viana, represented in noble cork, these garments bring new meanings to Portuguese heritage.

The UP9LISBON HEART t-shirt is a 100% natural product that took 9 years to produce – from its conception to its realization. Made in Portugal, this t-shirt is crafted from 100% Interlock Cotton and Cork Fabric. It embodies the essence of sustainability and style.

Experience the beauty of cork-made clothing by purchasing UP9LISBON products online. Browse through our collection and embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in every piece.

Special thanks to António Pedro Valadares Souto for having contributed to the creation of such an exceptional brand.

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Nature-inspired clothing

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